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New Year, New Era, New Achievement for GIST

Gateways Institute of Science and Technology welcomes the Year Of The Tiger with a majestic win: this 2022, GIST has finally received the results of the Philippine National Skills Competition 2021, which took place last December 15-17 at the Baguio City School of Arts and Trades.

Even with more than a decade of experience in competing since 2010, it was the first time GIST had ever reached the National Level of the TESDA Skills Competition. And it is with great pride and honour to be awarded the MEDALLION FOR EXCELLENCE for both Cooking and Restaurant Service, an achievement that is no small feat for first time National Level competitors.

A huge and heartfelt congratulations to GIST’s pride: MS. MAICA TRISHA A. EROA, Medallion for Excellence Awardee for Cooking, and MR. EZEKIEL G. CRUZ, Medallion for Excellence Awardee for Restaurant Service.

This achievement would not have been possible without the unrivaled mentorship and guidance of their coaches, MR. JOHN RUDOLF C. TOLENTINO and MS. MARY ANNE U. COPER, as well as the tireless support of all of GIST’s faculty and staff, who displayed the true meaning of teamwork in coming together to make this achievement possible.
It is a remarkable triumph in many aspects, as it proves that not even a pandemic can hinder GIST’s commitment to excellence. Our only real competition is our own selves, after all, as GIST commits to continuously besting our own selves in future years and competitions to come.
From here on, GIST can only aim higher, do better, and achieve greater.

Congratulations, GISTians!